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Don't Panic

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Biographical Information
Hi there to one and all fore those of you whom do not know me my name is Barbara, I am married and have been with my husband 13 years come this April. We have two beautiful daughters that are our pride and joy they are 11 and 9 respectively. This is my second try at a home page my first try was good but it lacked drive for use of a better word. So hear goes my next try hope it get better reviews. Not that my last one bombed but after I saw what my good ICQ friends could do I hated my own lol. Enough about me for now I will add more when the time is right for now see you around. BB Back to top
Personal Interests
Some of the things that I like to do are Reading, Swimming, Playing Cards, and Gardening. Also spending time with my family is very important My husband is an over the road truck driver so any time that I can spend with him is worth every thing in the world to me and our girls and spending time with them is equally important. We like to go to the lake in the summer and to visit our family in the wintertime in Maryland. Back to top Last Revised: March 29, 1999