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Yes It Is The Start Of A Whole New Year Of School.

Now what does that mean to everyone, it could mean a break from the rigors of summer for moms and dads. It could mean a break from mom and dad for the kids, and also a meeting of friends that you have missed all summer long. A starting over for some and a place to take up from whence we last had some time to ourselves as well. It means alot to many people; I should know I am a person and the begining of a new school year means a lot to me as well.

I have two young daughters going to school again this year, one back to elementary, and the oldest is just starting Middle school. The start of school means a whole lot to me, it is a new beginning for both my girls, as for me it means no more sleeping late and staying up till all hours of the night with them watching those funny movies and eating popcorn. It means making sure homework is done on time so there is still time to play outside, at least till the weather turns bad and that becomes impossible. This in its self is a big headache, what with them having so much that will have to be done. Then there is bath time and dinner and you know all to well what goes into a day in your own homes. Mostly we have to find time to get some family time in there someplace. Yes, I think that is the most deprived spot in most family’s, the time to sit and just talk to your children, we all know that is what they need and yes they are growing up but they do not need to grow away from us.

Mostly what I feel about school starting back is the dreadful feeling of growing school violence. This is why I have sat here today and had to write about what it means to me The Starting Back Of School. It means fear that when I send my children out of our home in the mornings will I see them again in the evening. It is a thought I did not have as they were starting school years ago. Now with the ever-present news stores about “Children” slaying Children and I use that phrase lightly. It makes me wonder what we as parents can do to protect our own, and the ones that just have no protection at all.

Know our kids yes, phrase them, show them compassion. Yes all of these things we should do, and still I think there is more. I believe that we give into our children way too much in today’s world, That children are expected to grow up way to fast, and that there is not enough discipline doled out. Now I don’t mean to say that we should beat children just that we need to put forth-stricter rules and mean them and if not followed then we need to enforce them. If that means spanking, timing out or taking something away from a child then so be it.

Now I am not an advocate or a journalist or anything that should tell you how to raise your child, I am just a mom, a wife, and a concerned person. I just think, that is me personally, in the aftermath of all the death in schools that we should think and then we should act. Be apart of our children’s lives and hold their hands sometimes. Spank them when they do something really bad and talk with them. Also get the guns away from them, I don’t mean take them away from everyone just the kids. If you have them in your home then be sure you have them secure, and watch them when they are on the Internet. Make sure that they don’t have free rain in your home, yes YOUR, home that is what it was when I was growing up it was my mom and dads house. I lived there but until I started to pay rent and learned to take care of their things well it belonged to them.

And by all means don’t give a child everything that he or she wants, make them earn it, I mean really earn it. Tell them you love them everyday, hug them even if they think you're a dork. But by all means never, never let them think that what they do in a crul way to others is ok. Even if it may be cute or funny to you it may be hurtful to others.

Can't we just keep our children, children for just a little bit longer. It would be so nice to have them need and depend on us a bit more!

Well now that I have ranted and raved about everything that we don’t want to remember and some of us didn’t want to hear at all, I would like to say just one more thing.

“Think Before It Is to Late”.

* Barbara Neiswender*

Wile you are here remember
to light a candel for
those that have been
the victims of these crimes.

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