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The Dragon and the Lightning

Lewis fell asleep one night next to Clair in the clouds, in the night sky. Asleep they lay side by side all night long without fear and without worries. Life went on for many years like this until one day a fierce wind blew and the clouds became dark like the dark of the night sky. Clair could not find her way in the dark and Lewis could not find Clair.In despair Lewis called to his mate in a roar loud enough to shake the ground, loud enough for Clair to here. In return Clair opened her mouth and out came a light that peirced the sky through. Lewis called again and Clair answered until they found each other and there tears fell like joy to the ground. Togeather again at last next to one another they lay close and the calm came, the clouds parted, and the wind faded away. Lewis and clair now sleep in the comfort of the clouds and each others arms but when the two part for any length of time the rain comes, the wind blows, and the sky darkens to pitch. We see the lighting and hear the thunder of these lost loves until they find each other and again fall asleep.

By Barbara told for Her Daugthers

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