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Don't panic, you are the visiter to stumble in

~This is a page devoted to fun and friends!~

Below you will find a list of links to sites that will blow you away! These are my friends sites and all are great so have a look....


This is a site that you will find very intersting, to say the least.ummm lol say it's a smorgasboard of sorts. It has poems, recipies, tarot, numerology, and etc.. You will also find a place for the outdoor's man, and a place for your kids as well. I rate it a 10.

Quote The Raven

This is a cool site full of my gals favorite things. Where she lives in Canada, with a great picture page, and links galore. Also it has a tribute to the Natives of her country.

My Homepage Away From Home

This is a good page to visit and I know the owner presonally... This page belongs to my daugther.

Love Jesus
Here You will find pictures of 101 Dalmations and it is a good place for little ones to visit. This page belongs to my little one and she has a lot of fun looking at it herself.

He has No Title LOL
This is a page that is just taking off it belongs to my husband and he is looking for a lot of good stuff. He is a great guy and a BadDog as well I am sure he would love it if you would visit.

*Now all you have to do is be sure to sign the guest books of these sites and that way they will know that you were there and if you sign it they will be sure to come visit your site if you have one. If you don't have a website but you do have e-mail you are sure to get a thank you so please be kind and sign!*


This is a site for all to see, here you can learn how to get paied to surf the web!


Well thought you all would like to know a bit more about me so here goes. I am married to a wonderful man and we have been together now for over 13 years. We have two beautiful children, girls ages 11 and 10. Wow what ages, can't wait till dating starts, NOT! We have a lot of fun and love to try out new things. Like making kites, that is the next family project. If you have any ideas just e-mail me I have a link here somewhere. Also I would love it if you would sign my guest book, it is on the previous page. I like to meet new people and one way I find to do that is through ICQ. I have a lot of friends by this means of communication. If you would like to contact me through ICQ this is how you would do it. My ICQ number is #25350444, just go to the link I left for you and look me up you can leave me a message, page me, even get your own account, and guess what it is even free yes you read right. What more could you ask for. Well that is all for now hope to see you soon and have fun in what ever you do you will find life more enjoyable.

My ICQ # 25350444

This is a cool picture a friend found for me. Thank you Taurus M1

for more DIAMOND RIO.

What is your name?

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E-mail address?

Don't Panic

If you like what you see or have ideas for something wicked or wild e-mail me.


The sound file takes a little bit to load but it is well worth it. And it loops so if you get tired of hearing it just stop it. No hard feelings really. :O)

For my FRIENDS on the net This is to let you all know just how much you mean to me, thank you all for being my pals. Listening to me when I needed an ear and just having a hell of a lot of fun with you all. Till we meet again all my love

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